What to do with your photographs? A former mentor told me to show your photos to as many people as possible. That’s why I’m sharing them on this website, Instagram and in meetings with my friends.

But online is not the best way to get attention for your photographs. It’s quick, fluent and there are too many incentives fighting for your attention.

So in print there will be more focused attention. A photobook is the best option, though it’s expensive to make (and buy).

A good alternative – if you don’t mind the quality loss of the images – is making a zine. A zine is a printed paper, folded into pages so you can view it as if a was a book. Anyone can make those, and I’ve started to experiment with different sizes.

It’s a great tool for editing your photos. Which selection are you gonna put in the zine?

Join me on my journey to publish my photowork in zines. Feedback in all steps in the process are welcome. Let’s learn together.
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